Direct Mail

Direct mail has several components that all must be executed correctly in order to deliver the best return on your investment. As industry experts, we have successfully created, designed and executed thousands of advertising campaigns for automotive dealerships from coast to coast equating to millions of pieces of direct mail being delivered – and helping dealerships to sell thousands and thousands of vehicles.

There is a wide variety to choose from for each item – in speaking with your automotive marketing specialist, the best choice will be made for your dealership based on timing, budget, staff, sales, market, etc..

WALMART PARKING LOT EVENTS: AMP MARKETING has teamed up to offer parking lot events at Wal-Mart Locations. Included in this event is the opportunity to put up to 100 units at your local Wal-Mart, $2000 in Wal-Mart Gift Cards and 20,000 pieces of direct mail. The average numbers sold with this scenario run between 24 and 35 units! Call 800-916-1245 today for your reservations.

Mailer: Size, Theme, Postage

List: Dealer Database, Saturation, Income, Credit Scores, Custom Demographics

Premiums: Online Vouchers, Gift Cards, MP3 Players, Fishing Poles/tackle boxes, tool sets, turkey bonanza coupons

Messages: Credit Repair, New Car Sales, Buy Back

Deadlines: Meeting your deadline and reaching the post office on time is critical to your success!


New Car Sales
New Car Sales Mailers are supported by helping our dealers put together their co-op requirements and documentation. We can either target repeat or new customers – by utilizing your database, title data or income/credit data. Typically a new car sales mailer is an event that creates excitement with your customers and staff by offering premiums and spiffs to all!

Used Car Sales
Saturation mail works well with this type of sale – featuring the used cars you have on your lot and offering to buy back any trade they currently own. With a full on event including hot dogs, drinks, premiums, banners, balloons, and mailers, you can have an event that can draw up to 4%! Key Saturation Booklet mailers have been knows to create so much traffic that dealers beg us to reduce the traffic on the next event!

Sub Prime
Mailers based on credit scores and income so you can get them pre-approved to know what type of car they can buy. We have a bank that will help finance the deals!