About AMP Marketing

AMP Marketing specializes in Dealer Direct Mail including Auto Mailers, Sub-Prime Mailers, Sub Prime Credit Mailers, Retail Mailers, Buy Back Mailers, Acquisition Letters, helping car dealerships to sell more units in both new and used vehicles.

While we specialize in Automotive Marketing Promotions, we also design and facilitate marketing for all businesses – such as heating, air conditioning, hotels, lodges, electricians, gift shops, online companies, etc..

For Automotive Dealerships, we create, produce and supply direct mail for the following types of campaigns or events: Retail Dealer Mailers, Sub Prime Mailers, Credit Mailers. Special Finance Mailers, Event Direct Mail , Retail Direct Mail and Service Mailers. Have an event you need traffic for? We are the direct mail experts! Need traffic during the week to increase off-peak sales? Amp Marketing has a program for that as well.

DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES: Web pages, banner ads, Managed Social Media, Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization, Online Registrations, logo designs, e-blasts, marketing campaigns and tracking ROI for our marketing events and programs.

For all businesses, but especially Automotive Dealerships, Motorcycle Dealerships and RV Stores, we facilitate online classified page postings – to help you sell more vehicles, containers, real estate, etc.. by helping you to reach the classified programs all across the United States.

Owner, Marlena Jo, has been in Marketing for 30 years and specifically dealership marketing for 20 years and has owned her own company for 7 years. With that kind of expertise and stellar customer service Amp Marketing is the choice for your business.